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Imagine if you lived in another era and lived through an extreme disaster.        

Let’s turn back the clock 92 years to the flood of 1927, which remains one of the worst natural disasters on record for Louisiana. The disaster along the Mississippi River led to the construction of levees by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

It’s very likely that residents and lawmakers reacted with resistance because of the change and sacrifice since many residents had to forsake property to bring it to reality. It meant what some today could consider government intrusion.

In this era, parish governments in Livingston and Ascension have pushed for ordinances to limit the amount of dirt-fill on residential property to stop flooding adjacent properties.It does not necessarily stop flooding, but it could lessen the severity for some homeowners.

The measure has passed in Ascension Parish. We have not seen hard-nosed resistance, but some members of the Livingston Parish Council seem apprehensive about the move.

One cannot fault members for wanting to know the full implications of the issue, but the matter has been in discussion for more than two months. Our parish needs to take an aggressive stand toward flood prevention and keep working toward stronger flood-protection measures.

We may have been misled after the August 2016 flood when experts said it was likely a “1,000-year” event. Maybe so, but few expected anything worse than what we saw in April 1983. The Parish Council needs to move forward on the dirt-fill ordinance and make flood-prevention measures a priority.

Just as residents thought 92 years ago that Louisiana would never see a flood of the magnitude of 1927, we have been proven wrong. We need to work toward prevention and not rest on assumptions.

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