giovanni tairov

Giovanni Tairov

Giovanni Tairov is the Livingston Parish library director and Louisiana Library Association 2019 Public Library Director of the Year.
What picture does your mind create when you hear the word “library?” Do you imagine a place where dusty old books are collected? Maybe you see a quiet, scholarly place, with a strict librarian making sure that no one disturbs the peace.        
These common, stereotypical images could not be further from reality.
Today’s public libraries are dynamic, thriving institutions offering an array of services; they serve the needs of a diverse community.
Today’s library is a gathering place; it is a hybrid of work and home; it serves as the repository of a community’s collective memory.
Most importantly, the library is a bastion of free thought, free speech, and free expression. It is the foundation of a free, democratic society.
Your Livingston Parish Library is much more than a collection of books.
We are here to meet your needs, no matter what your interests are. Step inside the doors of your local branch and discover what we can offer.
You can learn to program computers, print a 3D object, borrow a mobile hotspot or experience virtual reality. You can even borrow a cake pan, laminate your documents or use one of our sewing machines.
Each branch offers a variety of events to interest young and old alike. Families will love our weekly story times.
Our younger users can attend puppet shows, participate in a dinosaur dig or go on a pirate treasure hunt.
The library’s innovative programs help spark children’s imaginations and ignite their interest in learning. K-12 students can find free online homework help, online classes and explore their library’s extensive collection of research databases.
Our adult patrons can participate in a variety of programs designed to meet their interests, whether that is self-defense classes or resume writing.
Busy professionals and entrepreneurs can attend top-quality consulting seminars or obtain free legal advice. The library’s meeting rooms are available to host company-training events or business meetings.
Cost-conscious consumers can rely on the library to help them find creative ways to stretch their entertainment dollar.
For instance, your Livingston Parish Library offers free access to electronic magazines, movies, eAudiobooks and music streaming.
The Livingston Parish Library is proud to work side by side with our community partners, including Mighty Moms and the Livingston Parish school system.
We value our many partnerships. Your support of the Library also allows us to promote early childhood literacy programs and reach many underserved patrons through our Bookmobile.
As a librarian, I strongly believe an educated, well-informed community is the foundation of a free, democratic society.
I can’t think of any other place in our community that offers so many events and services under one roof, completely free of charge and open to all.
I hope you agree that your local library is more than a collection of books. Drop in your library today and see what you discover.
#Morethanbooks #Whatwillyoudiscover?

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