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John Schneider sings during the filming of the "YEE HAA" Variety Show at John Schneider Studios on Sept. 29, 2017.

Hard times hit upon all of us at some point or another, but it’s the way a person handles the adversity that tells the real story.   

The way actor/film maker John Schneider outlined his hardships stemming from the foreclosure of his property in Holden spoke volumes about him.

Performers often want fans to separate the actor from the character they play once they’re off stage. The same notion applies to a person who faces hardship in business.

To sum it up, it happens to the best of people.

The issues for Schneider came down to hardships with business related to his studios at the former Camp Singing Waters near Holden. Some of the issues which put him down for the count stemmed from the August 2016 flood, which posed hardships for many residents in Livingston and surrounding parishes.

The way he addressed the issue in a video on a Facebook post said much more about him than it did the circumstances that led to the foreclosure.

Schneider made no excuses. He did not blame the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office for executing the seizure of the 50-plus acres after a default on a mortgage for the land and buildings which comprise John Schneider Studios.

Instead, he took full responsibility.

It was a far cry from what we hear from celebrities, business leaders and others who blame everyone but themselves for their hardships.

Think of hedge fund guru Eddie Lambert, the former Sears CEO, who blamed the media for the once-iconic retailer’s collapse.

How can the media cause losses of $5 billion? It showed the CEO’s arrogance, who should absorb at least some of the blame for what was an epic downfall.

Schneider, on the other hand, came forward on the “John Schneider Studios” Facebook page to discuss the hardship. He explained the challenges he faced from flood events in March and August 2016, and the pitfalls that one can face when starting a business from scratch.

“This problem is my problem, my doing,” Schneider said.

Many who see him still associate him with the character Bo Duke from the hit TV series “The Dukes of Hazard,” which served as his launching pad to fame.

Livingston Parish residents still know him as one of the Duke boys, but many have gotten to know him a different way.

A talk with him at the “Dukes of Hazard” reunion in 2013 gave yours truly a different perception of him.

Sure, he was an actor who remained as popular as he was during the days when “the Dukes” reigned near the top of the Nielsen ratings, but he seemed very down to earth.

After the flood, we spoke at his studios. He sat back on a patio with a cup of Community Coffee and just talked with me about life in general.

It gave me the impression he was probably one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I ever met.

The same qualities came into place with his message to fans. He reached out to his many fans, explained the circumstances and said better days will come.

The means by which Schneider addressed his hardships removed all doubts that he is, indeed, genuine and down to earth. Amid the hardships, he also proved he endures the same hardships and challenges as anyone else in Livingston Parish, or anywhere else for that matter.

Schneider said the studio represented his dream “to be someone who shares my stories with the world. It’s a big dream.”

As with many others who pursue their dreams, they work toward perseverance.

“This is a dream I am not going to give up on,” he said in his message.

Perseverance defines the person. The willingness to accept responsibility and pull from the hardships says a lot about Schneider – and it’s not an acting role.

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