Dear editor,
Please do not be fooled into voting for a new emotional tax. This tax is not rational or prudent! Ten good reasons why a rational or educated person will vote “No” on this tax:
1. It is a subterfuge tax; It is identified on your ballot as a proposition when, in truth, it is a permanent tax.
2. It will be “levied in perpetuity” and is not renewable or removable. Politicians must think we are stupid. Vote “No.”
3. Not required: If Lafayette Parish, which has an equivalent school population, can provide for school safety officers at 45 locations within its current operating budget; then Livingston Parish should be able to provide school safety within our current budget too. Are Lafayette Parish officials smarter or better managers than Livingston Parish officials? The real question is; Are our voters dumber and more gullible, and can be emotionally manipulated into passing a permanent tax?
4. Not effective: School safety officers did not prevent school shootings in other states; therefore, it stands to reason it will not stop school shootings in Louisiana.
5. Wrong concept and approach: Know that one safety officer cannot protect hundreds of students and faculties spread out on a large school campus. Wrong approach: Think strategic versus emotional. It would be better to have a strong perimeter fence with a central security control point for entry and exit at schools, like airports.
6. Is this tax prudent? Money would go directly to the sheriff to be used at his discretion to include school safety officers. The income is estimated at $10 million per year and will soon double to $20 million or more with new businesses, car dealerships, etc. The sheriff’s budget already provides for an ARMADA FORCE. Do we really want one man to have that kind of power permanently?
7. Pulls on your emotions. This tax is based on voters’ emotional reactions, not rational thinking; that is, “Pass the tax and we will save your children, teachers, etc.” Don’t be fooled. This permanent tax is wrong.
8. Is it a legitimate tax? No, it is not. Before anyone can ask you for more tax money, they must first show you their budget and prove to you that every dollar is being spent prudently without waste. Are politicians willing to do that for you? Absolutely not! Then stop them at the ballot box.
9. Socialism is coming to America. Do we want to eventually be like Cuba and Venezuela? When we consider everything is already being taxed, our food, clothes, cars, homes, utilities, etc., we are excessively taxed already at 40 percent to 50 percent of our income. If we continue to pass every tax conceivable and buy-in to what some politicians believe is the ultimate solution to all problems, new taxes then we will eventually be a socialistic state and bankrupt. May God help us to stop this taxation madness.
10. Finally ask yourself: Do you really want a new and permanent tax which will allow the sheriff to take money out of your pocket for eternity? Absolutely not! Again, this is an emotional fix not a strategic solution. Do politicians really believe we are that dumb and gullible?
Note: I know about security from experience. I was a security, budget and program officer on the Air Staff at the Pentagon from 1970 to 1979. Plus, I taught at LSU. I am 82 years old. This is the absolutely worst tax I have seen in my lifetime. It is based on fallacious rational, pure emotionalism; and then politicians have the gall to ask us to pass it, for eternity. That is an insult to our intelligence, integrity and rational thinking. Are we that gullible? Lastly, I personally believe more people will die in Livingston Parish from West Nile disease than school shootings.
Don’t be fooled Be patriotic, be proud of your vote. Vote to stop this ungodly taxation disease.
G.B. Langlinais
Retired Air Force officer

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Mr. G.B. Langlinais,
First, thank you for your service to our Country. Additional, thank you for saying in clear and concise words what I have been attempting to say in this comment section for the past two weeks. Your breakdown of the reasons why this PERMANENT TAX should FAIL at the ballot box is exactly correct in each and every point. Vote NO!

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