Dear editor:

I have noticed in the latest campaign commercials that the governor is running he is stating that when he took office we had a $2 billion deficit but we now have a $300 million surplus. I am pretty sure until this fall he has called a special session of the Legislature because we had to raise money.

Until this ad I don’t remember anyone telling the public when we went into the black. I would love to see the dollars broken down as to when we went into the black and why we continued to have the special sessions if money was no longer needed.

Without it being a campaign ad, I wish one of our local politicians who is running for office would inform when and how many dollars in taxes were added to our bill. I think it is time that the media ask these questions and demanded answers instead of just printing what they say.

If the person does not wish to answer the questions write that, “Candidate refused to give a straight answer.” I would also like to see what was promised 4 years ago by the candidates and what was delivered and if it was not, why not.

Don't accept party difference as a reason. They knew that when they ran for office and made the promises. We need to quit voting for someone because he is my friend, he belongs to a certain party or he spent the most money. Look at where that has gotten us and it is not pretty!

Richard Fairchild

Denham Springs



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