Superintendent Joe Murphy said on the first day of school that to air condition the 275 buses in the school's fleet would cost $5 million, and that the schools are operating on a $2 million deficit this year. Would you be interested in a permanent, a temporary, or sunset millage to fund those air conditioners in buses and their maintenance? Leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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While i am left with no choice but to agree to put ac on buses because of the children and not to mention the bus driver driving in this very unsafe heat...i am curious about the recently purchased new buses the superintendent was so quick to point out. I understand now that there was a costly bill (thousands) to have the ac removed from the new buses. This is S Louisiana! You say you need more money from taxpayers to install ac on all the buses now. How is it your budget had the money to remove the new buses ac but to put it back in the new buses and install ac in all the buses, its going to cost taxpayer millions of dollars. Where is the ac equipment removed from new buses? Why did you have it removed for thousands but now all of a sudden you ask for millions to replace the math. What is really going on here? Its like asking for change for a $5, then gall to ask to receive the change for $100 now. Oh and i saw a school bus driver trying to wash her bus for the first day of school. She was not a tall person to reach that high up and she looked on the verge of heat exhaustion! So i see now that not only the superintendent wants to spend more money on ac that was removed but now these ladies have to practically have heat stroke to clean their buses too? I hope those drivers don’t pass out behind the wheel n crash w children loaded inside. That makes me curious as to why the prison trustees can wash and detail the outside of parish police units for, why can’t the same be done for the school bus drivers who are already about to drop dead of heat stroke cleaning their buses. No wonder the superintendent expects more taxpayer money, its already spent irresponsibly and very foolish but hey lets get more money. Our water donation to the kids publicity stunt did work after all..

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