Video calls to games: Strong home Wi-Fi all summer long


(BPT) - Summer's in and school’s out! Now that your kids are out of school or back from college for the summer, your Wi-Fi network could be getting a workout. When everyone in the house is trying to stream movies and shows, game online or take video calls from home across a ton of connected devices, the demand on your network has never been greater.

Plus, with your kids home from school, you can’t keep on top of everything they’re browsing online. Not only is it tough to curb the temptation of all-day screen time and have quality family time together, but it can be difficult to prevent your younger children from accessing inappropriate content online.

This summer, don’t settle for a slow connection. Use these top five tips to keep up with your family’s internet needs.

1. Invest in a mesh Wi-Fi system

Say goodbye to dead zones! If you want fast, reliable and consistent connectivity throughout your entire home, then it’s time to invest in a quality mesh Wi-Fi system.

By using multiple access points around the house as opposed to a single router, mesh Wi-Fi networks can provide coverage throughout your home regardless of its shape or size. You can place an eero in your bedroom, living room, garage and more to get reliable connectivity anywhere in your home.

When purchasing a mesh Wi-Fi system, look for products known for performance, advanced features and security, like the eero Pro 6E, eero 6+, and eero Max 7. They’re simple to set up and use, so you can seamlessly connect 75-200 devices at once!

2. Use content filters and parental controls

You can’t monitor your kids' internet use 24/7, but you can use parental controls like content filters to help keep them safe from content you deem inappropriate. Your router and mesh system may already offer features like these, so keep an eye out.

Once you find these monitoring tools, you can set up filters to block specific websites. Think beyond blocking inappropriate content. You can also block shopping, social media and messaging platforms. Configuring filters and controls allows you to easily create a safer online experience for kids of all ages. Content filters are offered to eero Plus subscribers and are a great way for parents to help keep browsing safer for their family.

3. Set aside internet breaks

During summer breaks, it’s important to carve out quality time with your kids and rein in their screen time. Sometimes, the best way to do that is to schedule breaks from the internet, such as in the evening when it’s time to wind down or when family is in town. Keep an eye out for routers that offer advanced features like creating Wi-Fi schedules.

eero allows you to set up individual profiles for each family member and create schedules for pausing the internet. That means you can set quiet hours during family dinners to encourage healthy screen habits for the whole family!

4. Have an internet backup just in case

An internet outage when your kids are home can be disastrous! But don’t worry, a good internet backup can help keep your kids online and happy while you’re working from home during an outage.

There are a few options for setting up an internet backup. For example, you can purchase a portable hotspot device and a power supply to keep your internet up and running during an outage. However, you may already have an internet backup built into your mesh Wi-Fi system.

If you own an eero device and are an eero Plus subscriber, you already have a great option! eero Internet Backup allows you to back up your network to a local hotspot, allowing your kids (and you) to enjoy video streaming, video conferencing, music streaming or online gaming with a capable hotspot, even during an internet blackout.

5. Explore connectivity possibilities

If you have a mesh Wi-Fi system, take the time to explore other advanced features you may have missed during the initial setup. For example, if you have an Echo Dot (5th Gen) in the bedroom for music, you can also use it as an eero mesh Wi-Fi extender with eero Built-in so you can reliably watch shows, stream music and more.

You can also sign up for a subscription service like eero Plus for an even better internet experience. The service offers ad blocking, advanced online security features, VPN, anti-malware software and more for your eero mesh Wi-Fi system!

With the right tools, you can ensure you can optimize and help safeguard your home internet no matter how many devices your kids bring home. Follow these five tips to enjoy safe and reliable Wi-Fi this summer and beyond!