LIVINGSTON -- Election Day brought changes to the original 2018-19 calendar proposal as the Livingston Parish School Board adopted the amended calendar March 8 for the next academic year.

Assistant Superintendent Steve Parrill said it was brought to the Calendar Committee’s attention during public review that the federal election day was not accounted for in the original proposal.

“We had to amend the calendar to declare Election Day a school holiday,” Parrill said. “A number of our schools serve as polling locations and there is no way for us to operate with that type of activity during school hours.”

Students will have Nov. 6 as a holiday.

The extra day off has pushed the close of the first semester from Dec. 19 to Dec. 20, Parrill said.

The board unanimously accepted the amended calendar.

In other business, the board approved various low bids to replace a large cadre of flooded instruments at Denham Springs Junior High.

Purchasing agent Denee Aydell said the school has the option of purchasing all instruments based on the low bid at $188,000 or just the necessities, which total $115,000. Assistant Superintendent Joe Murphy said the junior high is looking to replace $154,000 worth of instruments damaged in the August 2016 flood.

“We are not restricted to purchase everything on the list,” Aydell said.

The requests for replacements range from a digital piano to snare drums and tubas.

Low bids for the various instruments were accepted from Taylor Music Inc., Washington Music Center, Lafayette Music, Universal Melody Service and WWBW.

The board also approved a low bid of $94,000 from Wenger Corp. for instrument storage at Walker High School.

The board also approved a cooperative endeavor agreement to continue the banking branch relationship with Neighbors Federal Credit Union.

Superintendent Rick Wentzel said Neighbors Federal Credit Union has a branch at Walker High, allowing students to open accounts, participate in financial workshops and increase their financial knowledge.

“It is a valuable part of the campus,” Wentzel said. “This will allow us to continue to provide the young people with financial education.”

In other action, the board:

--Adopted revisions to the 2017-18 budget. Business manager Terry Hughes said the revisions reflected changes in salaries and benefits.

--Adopted the 2017-18 Pupil Progression Plan.

--Approved the renewal of performance-based contracts for various administrators for the period July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2021.


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