Welsh vs. Doyle baseball semifinal Darrell Frasier Andrew Yuratich Cole Mack

Doyle assistant coach Darrell Frasier talks to catcher Cole Mack and pitcher Andrew Yuratich (6) during a visit to the mound.

The Doyle baseball team was supposed to be playing for a state championship Friday evening. Instead, Doyle coach Tim Beatty was driving back home that same afternoon.

It’s just the sort of thing that happens when the rain doesn’t stop and there are state tournament games to be played, a combination that resulted in the Class 2A state title game, featuring Doyle and Kinder, being pushed back until Monday at 6 p.m. at McMurry Park in Sulphur.

But Beatty, assistant coach Darrell Frasier and the Tigers, aren’t letting the rain wash out their plans in preparing for the championship game.

“We’re always turning it into a positive,” Beatty said. “Would we like to play tonight? Sure, but guess what? It’s going to be extra days to prepare. The more days Coach Frasier gets on those scouting reports, the more days we can dissect Kinder’s hitting. It’s going to be a positive for us for sure.”

Beatty said Doyle’s baseball players will be able to attend the school’s athletic banquet Saturday, the school will save some hotel money, and maybe most importantly as it relates to the title game, the Tigers will have their entire pitching staff available for the championship game.

The original plan was to start junior Brock Adams in the championship game after sophomore Andrew Yuratich got a complete-game win in the Tigers 5-2 semifinal victory over Welsh.

“I don’t know if we’re going to start Andrew, but he may be available to throw,” Beatty said. “He has thrown a lot over the last three weeks, so we’re going to be cautious with him.”

He also didn’t rule out Adams starting the championship game.

“He’s thrown well for us all year,” Beatty said of Adams. “It’s kind of to be determined, depending on also, Andrew. If Andrew says, ‘Coach, I want to win it,’ maybe we go with him. We don’t know yet.”

Beatty said the Tigers didn’t deviate from their plan while awaiting word on when their game would be rescheduled after Thursday’s slate in Sulphur was washed out.

“We kind of stayed routine,” he said. “We followed our itinerary. We turned them loose with their families. We went yesterday (Thursday) and hit. We were prepared just like we were to play (Friday).”

He said the players also saw the schedule change as a positive and said the team will follow the same travel routine it did in getting to Sulphur before Wednesday’s semifinal game.

“They didn’t really say too much,” Beatty said. “It is what it is. It’s unavoidable. Of course, we don’t see it as a problem. We saw it as another opportunity to get better and get some rest.”


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