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Springfield baseball coach Chris Blanchard knows sometimes it takes getting a little creative to raise funds for a program, and that’s exactly what he and some friends are doing.

The Dawg Dash, a 5K race/walk, will be held Saturday, Dec. 4 at Carter Plantation. The event is sponsored by the Springfield High Dugout Club with all proceeds going to the Springfield baseball team.

There will also be a one-mile fun run for kids.

“I always say there’s a million ways to make one dollar or one way to make a million dollars,” Blanchard said. “We’re in the million ways to make one dollar scenarios right now. If we make $300, that’s $300 more that when we go to Alabama, that might buy the team’s meals for the two days. All the little things add up to hopefully money that we can use, because I told the boys my goal at the end of the year is to have a balance of zero dollars, so the more we make, the more I can spend on them and spend on the program. The less we make, the less stuff they’ll get.”

“We know people like to do 5Ks,” Blanchard continued. “We know people like doing running stuff. It’s just a way we’re going to try to hopefully make a little money, get the community involved and hopefully Carter Plantation can make some money off of it as well.”

The cost is $25 for the 5K and $15 for the fun run. The entry fee includes a medal and post-race refreshments. Awards will be given for each age group and overall male and female winners.

On-site registration will begin at 7 a.m. the day of the race, with the race set to begin at 8 a.m. Participants may also pre-register here.

Blanchard said he and Lynette Lobell, whose daughters Miranda and Tabby, were athletes Springfield High, first discussed the idea of hosting a race before bringing it to life. Blake Lobell, a member of the Springfield baseball team, is Lynette Lobell’s nephew.

Blanchard said the plan is for the event to benefit baseball this season, with proceeds going to volleyball and baseball next season.

He said the course will start at the clubhouse with the majority of the running taking place on the back nine.

“By the time the first golfer gets to the back nine, we should be out of their way,” he said. “It’s going to be pretty neat just running on the golf course.”

He’s also hoping the 5K will grow in the future.

“I’m hoping it becomes one of those things where people can put it on their calendars, like, ‘All right, we’re doing the Dawg Dash this year’, and it becomes a fun community event as well,” Blanchard said.

For more information, contact Lynette Lobell at lynette.lobell@gmail.com

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