QB Eli Holstein | Zachary

RB Ray McKneely | Denham Springs

RB Chance Williams | Scotlandville

RB Connor Wisham | Zachary

TE Aydin Wilkinson | Central

WR John Hubbard | Scotlandville

WR Damien Knighten | Scotlandville

WR Ja’Cory Thomas | Walker

WR Charles Robinson | Zachary

C Nick Bowden | Denham Springs

G Zane Hooper | Denham Springs

G Jamall Franklin | Scotlandville

G Ryan Holiday | Zachary

T Ethan Ladner | Walker

T Colin Charlet | Zachary

ATH TJ Magee | Live Oak

ATH C’Zavian Teasett | Scotlandville

K Kellen Conachen | Zachary

P Kaleb Mitchell | Denham Springs


DL Colby Williams | Central

DL Dylan Watson | Denham Springs

DL Antoine Ellis | Scotlandville

DL Kameron Hamilton | Zachary

DL Tai’Shon Nelson | Zachary

LB Caden Cooley | Central

LB Hayden Rushing | Denham Springs

LB Covanta Milligan | Scotlandville

LB Dayne Carpenter | Walker

LB Riley Howard | Zachary

DB Aiden Saunders | Live Oak

DB Marion Thomas | Scotlandville

DB Kam Reed | Scotlandville

DB Kylin Jackson | Zachary

DB Jerome Robinson | Zachary

FLEX Emauri Sibley | Zachary

KR Chance Williams | Scotlandville

LS Carson Jones | Live Oak

OFFENSIVE MVP: Eli Holstein, Zachary

DEFENSIVE MVP: Cameron Hamilton, Zachary

COACH OF THE YEAR: David Brewerton, Zachary


QB Jonathan Swift | Central

RB Cam Kelly | Denham Springs

RB Cam Stewart | Zachary

RB Marlon Gunn Jr. | Scotlandville

RB Glen Cage | Central

TE Cam Walker | Zachary

WR Calvin Collier | Central

WR CJ Davis | Live Oak

WR Warren Young, Jr. | Walker

C Andrew Richard | Central

G Lonnie Brand | Scotlandville

G Malcolm Ricard | Scotlandville

T Joeorrin Henyard | Zachary

T Hamza Rahman | Scotlandville

K Noah Hood | Denham Springs

P Landon Ratcliff | Live Oak


DL Luke Ydarraga | Live Oak

DL Mehki Smith | Scotlandville

DL Sam Hoover | Walker

DL Ashton Freeman | Zachary

LB Jed Cambre | Denham Springs

LB Ethan Foster | Denham Springs

LB Jeremiah Bell | Scotlandville

LB Kyree Langley | Scotlandville

DB Caleb Ward | Central

DB Maison Vorise | Denham Springs

DB Amari Idusuyi | Scotlandville

DB Carlton Johnson | Zachary

KR Micah Harrison| Denham Springs



QB Ashton Levi | Bogalusa

RB Talik Williams | Bogalusa

RB Bryce Vick | Sumner

OL Beau Armstrong | Hannan

OL Jayden Brice | Bogalusa

OL Blayne Bankston | Loranger

OL Tyler Theriot | Sumner

OL Joel Fontenot | Sumner

WR Reynis Morris | Bogalusa

WR Aqaunis Roberts | Bogalusa

WR Tajdryn Forbes | Bogalusa

WR Rodney Brown | Bogalusa

TE Daelyn Henry | Sumner

ATH Josh Alonzo | Hannan

ATH Darren Thomas | Sumner


LB Austin Watts | Albany

LB Keyshawn Manning | Bogalusa

LB Christian Alford | Loranger

LB Tylon Milton | Sumner

DL Corey Charleston | Hannan

DL DeJon Zeno | Bogalusa

DL Davoris Ard | Loranger

DL Keydrann Tate | Sumner

DB Rodney Brown | Sumner

DB Reynis Morris | Bogalusa

DB Jamarian Magee | Bogalusa

DB Latadrion Hills | Loranger

FLEX Daelyn Henry | Sumner

PK Beau Landry | Sumner

P McKaden Thompson | Hannan

RS Darren Thomas | Sumner

OFFENSIVE MVP: Ashton Levi, Bogalusa

DEFENSIVE MVP: Keydrann Tate, Sumner


QB Andres Moreno | Sumner

QB Billy Colomb | Hannan

RB Eli Johnson | Loranger

RB Antonio Lopinto | Albany

RB Josh Alonzo | Hannan

RB Brennan Self | Sumner

OL Jaelyn Kennard | Albany

OL Nolan Byers | Hannan

OL Haikem Thompson | Bogalusa

OL Jason Guy | Hannan

OL OJ Adams | Loranger

WR Jon Duhe | Albany

WR Jonathan Lewis | Loranger

WR Kameren Cook | Sumner

WR Hayden Alonzo | Hannan

ATH Jeremiah Doherty | Albany


LB Wade Rist | Hannan

LB Kendell Brown | Sumner

LB Grayson Pennison | Hannan

LB Albert Miller | Sumner

LB Jordan Mendoza | Loranger

DL Jaelyn Kennard | Albany

DL Tremon Ratliff | Bogalusa

DL Alijah McLemore | Bogalusa

DL Michael Lee | Sumner

DB Jon Duhe | Albany

DB Braden Neal | Hannan

DB Alden Magee | Bogalusa

DB Brennan Self | Sumner

FLEX Michael Burton | Bogalusa

FLEX Ashton Morris | Loranger

PK Andres Moreno | Sumner

P McKaden Thompson | Hannan

RS Jonathan Lewis | Loranger

HONORABLE MENTION: Brayden Tinder (OL/DL), Ethan Landers (OL/DL), Brady Seal (OL), Kendavid Mason (OL), Tyler Theriot (DL), Nicholas Walker (WR/DB), Alex Bickham (LB); Kendell Brown (RB), Tyron Robinson (WR), Michael Lee (RB)



QB Drew Milton | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

RB George Arata | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

RB Darrius Vaughn | St. Thomas Aquinas | Jr.

RB Jatoris Buggage | Springfield | Soph.

WR Cace Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Soph.

WR Chase Daigle | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

WR Danik Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

WR Britton Allen | Springfield | Sr.

OL Cam Couture | Pope John Paul II | Jr.

OL Braden Moore | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

OL Nunzio Martello | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

OL Layden Richards | Springfield | Jr.

OL Walter Lee | Springfield | Jr.

ATH Rick Vicknair | Springfield | Sr.

K Shawn Riviere | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

RET Danik Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.


DL Kendrick Simms | St. Thomas Aquinas | Jr.

DL De’Shad Sheridan | St. Thomas Aquinas | Fr.

DL Hayden Dutruch | Northlake Christian | Soph.

DL Nunzio Martello | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

LB Austin Davis | St. Thomas Aquinas | Jr.

LB Dorian Lusk | Springfield | Jr.

LB Devaki Williams | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

LB Darius Vaughn | St. Thomas Aquinas | Jr.

DB Braden Thompson | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

DB Danik Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

DB Britton Allen | Springfield | Sr.

DB Case Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Soph.

P Lincoln Oertling | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

FLEX Kendrell Perry | St. Thomas Aquinas | Soph.

OFFENSIVE MVP: Drew Milton, St. Thomas Aquinas

DEFENSIVE MVP: Britton Allen, Springfield

COACH OF THE YEAR: Randell Legette, St. Thomas Aquinas


QB Luke Husser | Springfield | Fr.

RB Nick Fletcher | Springfield | Soph.

RB Chase Mizell | Northlake Christian | Soph.

RB Kymh Colar | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

RB Andrew Beshenich | Northlake Christian | Sr.

WR/TE Devaki Williams | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

WR/TE Ayden McAlister | Springfield | Jr.

WR Robbie Worchel | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

WR Blaze Rodriguez | Pope John Paul II | Fr.

OL Will Culpepper | Pope John Paul II | Jr.

OL Aubrey Posey | Northlake Christian | Jr.

OL Tucker Hower | Northlake Christian | Sr.

OL Ethan Crawford | Springfield | Jr.

OL Evan Hallnark | St. Thomas Aquinas | Jr.

ATH Knox Hollis | Northlake Christian | Jr.

K Chase Mizell | Northlake Christian | Soph.

RET Cace Reed | St. Thomas Aquinas | Soph.


DL Cael McDaniel | Pope John Paul II | Soph.

DL Walter Lee | Springfield | Jr.

DL Malik Cooper | Springfield | Jr.

DL John Labee | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

LB Nick Barone | Pope John Paul II | Sr.

LB Seth Grand | Springfield | Sr.

LB Ayden McAlister | Springfield | Jr.

LB Jacob Mire Pope | John Paul II | Jr.

DB Cody Pisciotta | Pope John Paul II | Jr.

DB Jake Ahner | Pope John Paul II | Jr.

DB Rick Vicknair | Springfield | Sr.

DB Trevor Sanchez | Springfield | Jr.

FLEX Sidney Tiblier | Pope John Paul II | Jr.

P Hayden Aspirion | St. Thomas Aquinas | Sr.

HONORABLE MENTION: SPRINGFIELD | Offense: Walton Lee, Peyton Gibbens, Elijah Johnson; Defense: Jason Courtney, Nick Fletcher, Dorian Burise

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