Springfield-Kenner Discovery Bryan Babb

Springfield' quarterback Bryan Babb (2) throws for a completion as Arshun Andrews (34) and Leo Moore (75) block.

It’s been a few years since Springfield took part in the Metro Baton Rouge Invitational 7-on-7 Summer League, and the way Bulldogs coach Ryan Serpas sees it, the work can only help his team down the line.

“It’s to try continue to build on what we did in the spring and get a little bit better at it, make it a little bit more second-nature to them and also get our defensive secondary in position to be able to make some more plays as well,” Serpas said of the team’s goals heading into league play. We’re hoping that those kids show up, take it serious and get better."

Sessions will be held each Wednesday during June, with action taking place at Denham Springs High, Walker and Live Oak.

Albany, Broadmoor, Dutchtown, Episcopal, Madison Prep, Northeast, Slaughter, St. Helena, Ponchatoula, University High, Woodlawn, Zachary, Hammond, Istrouma, Central Private and Port Allen are also in the league.

Springfield will compete with Denham Springs, Hammond and Madison Prep, with action beginning at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at Denham Springs High.

“They’re all much larger schools than us,” Serpas said. “Talent-wise, there will probably be a little deficiency on our part, but hopefully it will get our kids to compete and make them realize, ‘OK, we need to step our game up and be ready to go come August."

The biggest thing Serpas said he’s looking for from his offense during 7-on-7 is quarterback Bryan Babb and his receiving corps developing their communication skills on the field.

“With us being a lot more open offensively, spreading the ball around a lot more, we’ve just got to make sure they’re all on the same page understanding what they’re supposed to do and just get that communication a little better,” Serpas said.

Serpas is also hopeful that competing in the league will help Babb, who is starting for the first time, get more accustomed to the team’s new offensive concepts without seeing the same type of pass rushes he’ll likely see on Fridays once the season begins.

“I think that by doing a 7-on-7, it shows those guys what they’re capable of doing and shows them their skill level versus other teams and what they have as well,” Serpas said. “It does kind of open things up and kind of unclogs the middle for the quarterback. So at some point, it becomes very unrealistic, but at least he can get the mental picture of where his guys are supposed to be at, which should be able to help him whenever we’re working on concepts or trying to attack one area of the field a whole lot better.”

The main goal for the Bulldogs on defense is getting in sync in the secondary, which was a point of emphasis following the team’s spring scrimmage against Kenner Discovery.

“We’ve definitely got to get a whole lot of work out of them and get those guys on the same page as far as what they’re supposed to do and are able to do,” Serpas said. “We had some breakdowns in that area (in the spring scrimmage), and me and the coaches have kind of talked about it and we think that we’ve fixed those issues. Now it’s just a matter of getting the kids out there to execute things with the adjustments that we’ve made.”

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