HATTIESBURG, Miss. -- It's only a spring scrimmage, but Walker has plenty to build on following its meeting with Wayne County, Miss., last Friday.

The Wildcats put up five scores while putting together a shutout on defense at Southern Miss. 

"I had to kind of calm those kids down because of how excited they were to play in that atmosphere," Walker coach Lester Ricard said. "From the bright-lights standpoint, they couldn't have handled it any better."

BJ Lockhart paced the Wildcats with 10 carries for 74 yards and three touchdowns, while Keondre Brown added four carries for 29 yards.

"Being in front of (coaches from) Alabama, Ole Miss and so many other ones, it just gave me an opportunity to really just display him, and that's why we gave him as many carries as we did," Ricard said of Lockhart. "I really didn't have any plans to play him so much on offense, but it's one of those things that happened. He looked good doing it ... might as well let him get a couple more touches."

Wildcat quarterback Ethan McMasters went 4-for-6 passing for 111 yards and a touchdown, while Christian Ard was 4-for-9 for 19 yards and had one rush for 11 yards. Landon Adams was 1-for-6 for 8 yards.

"Ethan has been the most consistent this spring and he played well," Ricard said. "He's always in control of the situation. He's always in control of the offense. He's always in control of down and distance and understanding those things. Christian is probably the more talented kid of the group, and he's able to do so much. Landon is a kid who has won a lot of football games and done some great things at Walker. They all bring a different dynamic to the table.

"We've got a good problem at quarterback where we've got three guys who have won a lot of football games for us over the last year and they've won some big games here and put us in the position to be successful, so any one of those guys -- whoever we roll the ball out with this year is going to do a fine job for us."

The Wildcats also got a look at their new 4-2-5 defensive scheme, led by Cade Seymour, who had 8 tackles, a sack and an interception, while Tyler Whittington also had an interception.

"Cade Seymour, for the last three years, has kind of been like Walker's most consistent football player," Ricard said. "We're now putting him at mike linebacker. He keeps everybody lined up, and he's like having an extra coach on the field. It's our speed at the end of the day that allows us to do so much (on defense)."

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