Albany lost to Central Private, 56-43

Albany lost to St. Thomas Aquinas, 71-52

Albany lost to Independence, 74-56

Albany lost to Holden, 63-47

Denham Springs lost to Episcopal, 42-38 (2OT)

Denham Springs lost to Lee Magnet, 80-62

Doyle def. Runnels, 73-68

Doyle lost to Lee Magnet, 86-65

French Settlement lost to Ascension Catholic, 72-70

French Settlement def. Christ Episcopal, 62-55

Holden lost to Northlake Christian, 62-55

Live Oak lost to St. Michael’s, 67-52

Live Oak def. West Feliciana, 48-36

Maurepas lost to Family Christian, 88-30

Maurepas lost to Grand Isle, 96-11

Springfield lost to Woodlawn, 65-29

Springfield def. Central Private, 61-60

Springfield lost to Mt. Hermon, 63-59

Walker def. Madison Prep, 65-58

Walker lost to Catholic High, 82-79


Albany lost to St. Michael’s, 55-28

Albany def. Holden, 64-62 (2 OT)

Denham Springs lost to Doyle, 61-50

Denham Springs lost to South Lafourche, 59-32

Denham Springs lost to Lee Magnet, 54-33

Denham Springs lost to Madison Prep, 54-49

Doyle lost to Lee Magnet, 74-66

French Settlement lost to U-High, 63-54

French Settlement def. Riverside, 61-23

Live Oak def. Plaquemine, 54-30

Maurepas lost to Family Christian, 45-31

Maurepas def. Grand Isle, 25-14

Springfield def. Woodlawn, 43-29

Springfield def. Central Private, 56-27

Springfield def. Mt. Hermon, 38-26

Walker lost to East Iberville, 48-43

Walker def. MLK Charter, 55-37



Denham Springs lost to Newman, 2-0

Denham Springs def. Walker, 9-1

Live Oak def. Broadmoor, 5-0

Live Oak lost to Woodlawn, 3-1

Walker lost to Catholic High, 8-0


Denham Springs tied Dutchtown, 1-1

Live Oak lost to St. Amant, 8-0

Live Oak lost to St. Michael’s, 3-1

Walker lost to East Ascension, 2-1

The week ahead (Jan. 13-18)


Tuesday, Jan. 14

Dutchtown at Denham Springs (B), Lakeshore at Live Oak (B), Live Oak at Istrouma (G), Walker at East Ascension (B), Albany at Loranger (B&G), Springfield at Pope John Paul (B&G), French Settlement at St. Thomas Aquinas (B&G), Maurepas at Holden (B&G), Northlake Christian at Doyle (B&G)

Wednesday, Jan. 15

St. John at Springfield (B&G), Catholic-PC at French Settlement (B&G), University at Denham Springs (G)

Thursday, Jan. 16

Live Oak at Maurepas (G), Live Oak at Broadmoor (B), Albany at Hannan (B&G)

Friday, Jan. 17

University at Live Oak (B), Walker at St. Amant (B), White Castle at Walker (G), Denham Springs at St. Michael’s (B), Albany at Hannan (G), French Settlement at Springfield (B&G), Runnels at Maurepas (B), St. Thomas Aquinas at Doyle (B&G)

Saturday, Jan. 18

Holden at Amite (B&G)


Thursday-Saturday, Jan. 15-18

Live Oak, Walker at Louisiana Classic, Lamar-Dixon, Gonzales


Tuesday, Jan. 14

Denham Springs at Baton Rouge (B), Walker at Denham Springs (G), Zachary at Walker (B), East Ascension at Live Oak (G)

Thursday, Jan. 16

Walker at Baton Rouge (G), Live Oak at Episcopal (G)

Friday, Jan. 17

Central at Walker (B)

Saturday, Jan. 18

Denham Springs at St. Amant (G)


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