Doyle's Rebecka Lovett signs with BRCC

Doyle softball player Rebecka Lovett signed with Baton Rouge Community College on Friday. Seated from left are Kevin Lovett, the signee's father; Rebecka Lovett, and Tiffiany Lovett, the signee's mother. Standing are Doyle softball coach Amanda Decell and assistant coach Haley McKigney.

LIVINGSTON – When it comes to getting recruited during the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes it’s all about making the most of an opportunity.

Doyle’s Rebecka Lovett did just that, and now she’s headed to play softball at Baton Rouge Community College.

Lovett’s opportunity came when her travel team, the Lady Lightning 18U, scrimmaged Baton Rouge Community College in the fall.

“I pitched against them and only allowed one hit out of four innings, so it kind of caught her eye, and we talked a little bit afterwards,” Lovett said after signing with the Lady Bears during a ceremony Friday in the school’s library.

Admittedly, BRCC’s interest was something Lovett wasn’t expecting.

“I had my eye set on another school, and that just didn’t work out for me and my plans, and when I went out there, I was actually really, really nervous, and I had been practicing all week for it, so I was super excited to be noticed,” Lovett said after becoming the third member of the Doyle softball team’s senior class to sign, joining Elise Jones (Southeastern Louisiana) and Madison Diaville (LSU Eunice). “She came up to me and said she was interested in me and she’d love for me to come to the campus. It did take a few weeks because of COVID to go see her at campus, but I did get my offer when I went out there.”

Doyle coach Amanda Decell praised Lovett for making the most of what was presented to her during the scrimmage that earned her the BRCC offer.

“When she told me she was going over there, I knew that was a big opportunity for her, and she came back and she said she did really, really well and they liked her,” Decell said. “I was excited for her, especially with last year. Her time is running short in high school ball, and her junior year gets cut. She definitely took advantage of the travel ball. All you’ve got to do is catch their eye one time, and that’s what she did. She caught their attention. That’s a good thing.”

Lovett said her visit to BRCC’s campus was brief, but she liked what she saw.

“Everybody knows everybody,” she said. “It’s kind of like Doyle, not very many people, and it’s just easy to get around.”

She’ll also be close to home, which she said was another factor considering her family recently moved back into its home after a fire last February.

“I did want to stay home just a little bit to be home with family,” Lovett said.

Lovett said her main focus at BRCC will be at pitcher, but she can also play second base and outfield. She said it doesn’t matter what position she plays.

“Being at a college is an opportunity, and you’re going to run with it,” she said.

Decell said that’s fitting considering Lovett’s role with the Lady Tigers.

“For us, with who we have on her roster, she’s a role player for us,” Decell said. “She fills in where we need her. If we need her at first, she plays first. If we need her to pitch, she pitches, so she kind of does a lot of different things for us. We’re fortunate to have multiple pitchers. She comes in when we need her, and she does a good job.”

“I think that’s the best thing for anybody going to play in college is being able to play multiple positions,” Decell continued. “If you’re stuck to one spot, it’s hard to get the playing time, but if you can play multiple things, she has a lot of opportunity to be on the field. Even if they have a lot of pitchers, she’s able to play second. She can play first. She can play third base. She can play a lot of different places, so that should help her out.”

Lovett said she’s looking forward to the next step in her playing career.

“I’ve always kind of dreamed of it, and with the help of my high school team and travel team, I’ve kind of been able to act on that dream and be able to (play at the next level),” Lovett said. “Everybody’s been talking to me all day about it, so I’m excited.”

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