Kristine Stone

Pictured are food photographs taken by local food photographer Kristine Stone, who was recently named the 2018 Artist of the Year by the Arts Council of Livingston Parish. More than a dozen of Stone’s mouth-watering photographs will be displayed at the Arts Council for the month of March.

Local photographer Kristine Stone was recently named recipient of the Arts Council of Livingston Parish’s annual Kathy Reeves Scholarship, given in honor of the late award-winning photographer.

Stone was unable to attend the awards ceremony but was nonetheless recognized by past president Liz Harmon during a reception in mid-January. 

Stone, who was also named the 2018 ACLP Artist of the Year, specializes in food photography and has been included in a number of exhibits at the Arts Council. Her photographs are also featured in “Preserving the Culture of Livingston Parish,” a collection of artwork and stories celebrating the history and life of Livingston Parish.

The annual scholarship was made to honor the memory of Kathy Reeves, a wildlife photographer from Denham Springs who passed away in June 2017 after a battle with cancer. Reeves was a dedicated member of the Arts Council and was named the organization’s Artist of the Year in 2012.

An avid traveler, Reeves captured many of her photos during her trips across the globe, filling galleries with a wide variety of animals (especially birds and wild horses). She took “photography vacations” in locales such as France, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, and Canada.

A winner of local, regional, and international awards for her photography, Reeves was also an animal activist, volunteering at the Denham Springs Animal Shelter and its support organization PetAid, where she’d take pictures of animals to help get them adopted.

She and her husband, Sonny, donated about “$4,000-5,000 per year” to wildlife and preservation charities across the globe, such as the World Wildlife Fund, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Denham Springs Animal Shelter and PetAid. Kathy also secured animal grants from Exxon, where she worked in the 1970s.

The Arts Council of Livingston Parish is currently featuring the “Salute to the New Year - New Beginnings for 2021” exhibit, which will be on display through February.

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