Wet City Hall

Wet City Hall

DENHAM SPRINGS - The table is set, now the city waits for the bulldozers to start demolition.

A brief conversation between the council members Tuesday night, surrounding a wide gap between the lowest bidder and the highest bidder for 'Wet' City Hall's demolition, ended in a unanimous vote to accept Lloyd D. Nabors Demolition, LLC as the firm to take down the 50-year old building.

Mayor Gerard Landry asked a representative from Forte & Tablada, the engineering firm who processed the bid for the city, if Nabors passed their vetting process. It was confirmed that they did.

The mayor asked after Nabors, who bid $56,749, came in so far under the highest bidder - Kort's Construction Services, Inc. at $329,500, and relatively low compared to several other bidders

The bids were:

  • Kort's Construction Services, Inc.: $329,500
  • Ashley Savarino Unlimited Construction, LLC: $132,000
  • Lloyd D. Nabros Demolition, LLC: $56,749
  • Salvage Nine - Ronald Jefferson: $91,910
  • American Construction and Demolition Co., Inc.: $65,145
  • Grant Mackay Company, Inc.: $109,750
  • Hamp's Enterprises, LLC: $98,500
  • LA Contracting Enterprise, LLC: $139,685.41

Mayor Landry said that city councilmen Lori Lamm-Williams and Jeff Welsey would be spearheading the project to revamp the area where 'Wet' City Hall once stood with a pavilion and other outdoor, community-based amenities.

A timeline is not yet in place for those additions as weather plays a factor in demolition.

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