LIVINGSTON – The Livingston Parish school system’s Transportation Department accepted 22 new buses Wednesday, continuing a program begun four years ago to maintain a good fleet, according to the supervisor.

Twenty of the buses from Kent Mitchell Bus-RV Sales in Hammond are regular buses while two are special-education buses, said Josh Day, transportation supervisor.

“In 2015, a program was started under Steven Vampran, who was the transportation supervisor then, to start adding new buses,” Day said.

“The long-term plan is to keep the fleet updated,” Day said. “Buses age out at 25 years and as they are aging out, we get ones coming in.”

“We want to put safe buses and the most efficient buses on the road,” he said.

The program got sidetracked by the Great Flood of 2016, when the school system lost 70 buses and had to lease buses, he said.

“We’re moving away from leases,” with the addition of the new buses, Day said.

The buses cost approximately $80,000 each.

“The School Board members, they stepped up and unanimously approved the buses for us,” Day said.

When school is in session, 16,000 children a day ride buses to and from school. This equals to 10,000 miles a day or 1.8 million miles in a school year, he said.

“It’s really rough on buses,” Day said.

The new regular buses are ready to roll, although they do not have air-conditioning, he said.

“They will be warm, for sure,” Day said, but the special-ed buses are air-conditioned.

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