Looks like to me the town of French Settlement is doing very well without Harry Brignac.

I seen in the Sunday’s Baton Rouge paper that Livingston Parish got $500 million to help the people in the French Settlement area of the Amite River. So now the money is being used for drainage work. They’re cleaning 300 miles of rivers, creeks and canals across the parish. No say on the Tickfaw River, Natalbany River, West Colyell Creek, Colyell Creek, Little Colyell and Blood River. Then the parish hired Alvin Fairburn. Hm, wonder why the Parish President picked them? He examined many of the waterways in the parish, just examined, the paper says, not to do anything else. Well, French Settlement hasn’t had the creeks and canals cleared since they was dug back in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s. It is about time the lower Livingston Parish gets its fair share. You need to remember this when the parish president comes up for reelection.

To call Buddy Ellis Road a road is an insult to practically every other road in the United States. It doesn’t have hardly any center markers, lines on the side of the road, no shoulders. It’s hazardous to drive on it, and people have even left the community because of it. I do believe that the people who are in charge of it don’t really seem to care. They never do anything with it. We need to get some people out of the prison to come and manually place the center posts and the white lines since the cost of a machine I’m sure would exceed our ability. But let’s do something. It is a total hazard out there. Somebody is going to wind up with a big head-on collision, and the parish will be saying, “It wasn’t our fault! It wasn’t our fault!” but it would have been.

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