In a world where funding is limited, a little human capital goes a long way.        

This past weekend, months of planning by Rachel Deaton come to fruition as boats from Ascension and Livingston parishes hit the Amite River with a vengeance to affect some river cleanup.

They found submerged boats, refrigerators, furniture, trash – just about any kind of debris of which you can think.

Even Parish Councilman Tracy Girlinghouse found an old, stuffed Mickey Mouse, which became the symbol” of his boat as he and fellow Councilman Jeff Ard cruised the river.

The event sparked a sense of pride in Livingston Parish, especially among those who participated. Since the Great Flood of 2016, drainage and future flooding have been a fear of most citizens every time it starts to rain.

And to see the main culprit of that flooding still sitting in the same condition, as it was in 2016, full of trash, was nearly despicable. The continued cries of “unfunded,” “not enough funding,” or “still working through the details” were incredibly frustrating to almost everyone who looked at the Amite’s murky waters.

So what happened? A group of concerned citizens put together some human capital with blood, sweat (a lot of it), and tears as they went through and found mounds of trash buried beneath the flow. The expression was unifying in its effect – that people still took pride in the place they are from and were willing to sacrifice time and effort to make it just a little better.

Or a lot better, as was evidenced by the huge pile of trash the parish had to contend with on Monday morning.

So often in today’s society effort is placed behind the swells of entertainment. Even large-scale media has taken to more opinion and entertainment-based news – or turning politics into entertainment – than focusing on the little things that matter.

In this case, one lady took the time to organize a way to make her community just a little better and she, along with those who helped her, should be applauded in helping both the Amite watershed and the residents of Livingston Parish get a little closer to a more modern drainage plan.

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